I'm William Beem – husband, father, servant to two dogs, and native Floridian.

William and Lee Beem

I Like Photography

As a kid, all I wanted was to grow up and become a photographer. I suppose that happened, but not as a career. Instead, I went into information technology and that served me well.

In 2007, I started a photography blog to document my journey and progress. That changed along the way. My wife, Lee, and I started a photography podcast. I started creating courses for photographers. Check it out.

The Blue Scooter at Portofino Bay in Orlando
The Blue Scooter

I Talk About Orlando

I write about Orlando on another site called Orlando Local. It's not the typical tourist site or local site, since I write about a view of Orlando from both perspectives. You can click the button below to visit Orlando Local

I Build websites

After a career in IT security, I founded Suburbia Press. It's a site dedicated to helping small business owners build a website to serve their customers online. If you're a course creator, membership owner, or coach, see if we can help.

My Wife Runs on Trails

Lee found her passion in long-distance running. She started doing it just to spend some time outside. The next thing I know, she's running marathons and then ultra-marathons on trails. Sometimes she runs more miles than I drive.