The Scene at MS Tech-Ed

There are a couple of  things you expect from a Microsoft conference.  Big banners are definitely on the expected list and we have them.  Probably not as many as I would've thought, though.

There's no shortage of PC's available for use to check the schedule and, presumably, do a little Internet surfing. Having already used the web site to build my schedule, I signed on one here long enough to print it off.  Otherwise, I haven't bothered, since I dragged along my own laptop.  However, there are promises of more prizes to win if you fill out a session evaluation one one of the kiosk PC's.

Microsoft opted for something that is either cheesy or creepy (you decide) with some Office characters during lunch.  Fortunately, I didn't see them until after I'd eaten.  The food was standard convention fare – vegetable lasagna, Florentine chicken,  or Yankee Pot Roast..  There was a special diet area for those who didn't want to eat this stuff.  When you hit the tables, there were a couple little bits of swag – a tiny fan blower that worked surprisingly well, and some MS Tech-Ed temporary tattoos.  Yeah, rock your world.

There are snacks in the morning and afternoon.  Unlike previous GeekFests (which sadly no longer seem to exist as a GeekFest party), there are some healthy options.  I just munched on some apple slices and a banana, in addition to the usual fried carb fest known as potato chips.

If there's a disappointment, it's the bathrooms.  Women in technology, rejoice!  This is the only place where men stand in line while you breeze in and out with ease.

The state of affairs sunk lower for men after we got inside.  Let's just say that the Orange County Taxpayers are NOT spending enough on toilet paper.  Imagine the thinnest one-ply you've ever seen, and then subtract half the paper mass from it,.  Enough said.  At least the stalls have some local gang artwork.

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