The Switch to WordPress

After months (or was it years) of bitching about Movable Type, I've finally switched to WordPress.  I really wanted Movable Type to step up with the same ease of configuration as WordPress.  Themes & plugins just work.  You can code if you want, but you don't have to do it.

Both platforms have a thriving community of users, but the WordPress community seems to work the way I want to work.  I think it's a much more artistic community, given the plethora of themes I've reviewed.  I settled on a theme called ArtSee from Elegant Themes.  $20 for a year and access to all the themes on the site.  Changing or customizing a theme is as simple changing configurations on a panel; turning options on or off.  Doing the same on Movable Type would require changes in HTML & CSS.  Oh, sure, they tried to make a Style Library.  Take a look.  Ugly colors, but the same theme.  It's pathetic.

Importing the old posts was fairly easy, but there are new features available with the theme I'm using.  I may go back and make some modifications to use those features, or maybe I'll just move forward from this point.  It's something for me to ponder.  I'm happy with my new toy.  Now it's time to see what else I can make it do.

Hello, world.

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