Zach Attacks


Zach is the youngest of my three dogs, so it's no surprise that he's the most curious. You can't blame him for instincts bred into his pedigree. He's a retriever. He brings things back. When Zach is outside, he brings things back to my patio. It's covered with palm fronds that he's ripped off my sable palm. He's brought branches twice his size into the patio. Sometimes he digs things up and brings them to the patio. There's half of a rusty barbell weight that some previous owner left outside. I've been hear seven years and never noticed it, but Zach found it and brought it to the patio.

In addition to digging and retrieving, Zach likes to chew. He's previously chewed through the power cable leading to my air conditioner. It's low voltage, but even that would be enough to zap his tongue. He didn't stop chewing that until he finished. So I shouldn't be surprised that Zach dug until he found my telephone cable buried underground in my back yard.

Zach chewed off the exposed cable until it broke. He selected an end of it, and started tugging to unearth the rest. He got about 20 feet of it free when it wouldn't give up any more (probably stuck under some roots). Being the genius he is, it became apparent that he'd need to chew this side off if he were to succeed in bringing the cable back to the patio. Zach succeeded.

Right now, I don't have a working phone in my house. Instead, I have an appointment to wait for a repairman on Tuesday. Good boy, Zach.

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