Dumb Dogs

I’m not sure which of my three dogs is the dumbest. Today it’s the little one, Max. A few months ago he seemed to be at death’s door and could barely move. The vet wanted to operate on him, but his blood test revealed a liver problem. We figured he’d be dead in a month. …

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Zach Attacks

Zach is the youngest of my three dogs, so it’s no surprise that he’s the most curious. You can’t blame him for instincts bred into his pedigree. He’s a retriever. He brings things back. When Zach is outside, he brings things back to my patio. It’s covered with palm fronds that he’s ripped off my …

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. This used to be Zach, my Golden Retriever. I should’ve known then that he’d be trouble. Since chewing up this stupid toy fllp-flop (Shannon bought it, not me), he’s proceeded to destroy other things. He’s eaten holes right into the drywall in my bedroom hallway. He’s eaten the bottom part of my wooden fence …

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