Happy Easter

Happy Easter (not my photo), originally uploaded by beeez.

Things aren't going so well for the Easter Bunny these days. Everywhere you look, there's competition for attention. This weekend, the City of Sanford, FL has two events. One is an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. The other is a birthday celebration for Paw Park – the city's off-leash park for dogs.

Both kids and dogs will invade Historic Downtown Sanford this Saturday, April 7th. The kids get to hunt for Easter Eggs and assorted prizes. The dogs get their own “pawrade” (I didn't make that up, they did) through Downtown.

However, the dogs get a bit more attention. They also have a plethora of vendors lined up, obedience demonstrations and something call Flyball demos. I think that's something like acrobatic frisbee catching, but who really knows except the dogs?

Why Dogs Attack Their Masters

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I've always been impressed by Heather Armstrong's ability to put objects on her dog's head while he remains perfectly still. This time, she's gone too far. Chuck can now go on disability due to emotional castration.