Missed Opportunities

Bethune Beach

I joined a group of friends last night to go photograph the last night launch of the space shuttle.  NASA being NASA, the launch got canceled due to changing weather.  We were left standing there on a freezing beach at 4:30 AM.  Some folks did some light painting.  I just turned the camera in the opposite direction and left the shutter open for five minutes.  Other people went home with no pictures at all.

Sometimes, what you get is what you make of it.

A Slight Diversion and a New Blog

I recently created another blog specific to my interest in Photography. While I haven't exactly been burning up the Internet with posts on this one, I think I'm about to make some changes. Part of the reason I've not written here quite so often is my frustration with Movable Type – just signing in pisses me off.
The new blog is under Word Press and I'm thinking it's time to change everything to that platform. While MT is fine for corporate accounts & Britney Spears, who can hire developers to tinker around with it, it's just a giant pain in the ass for a guy like me who only wants a decent configuration tool so he can get to the business of writing. MT's online configuration tool is laughable.
Until I can make some changes here, please feel free to join me at if you have an interest in photography.

Koi Toy

Koi Toy

Model Ashley Simone displays the art of 2007 World Body Painting Champion Carolyn Roper during the FABAIC in Orlando. I wanted to post this as a contrast to yesterday's black and white image. Most body art that I've viewed seem to use similarly vibrant colors. In my opinion, this piece was one of the stand-out works during the show. That's not to say that other artists didn't create jaw dropping work; they did. This one just happens to be my favorite.

Old Skool Nymph

Old Skool Nymph

Sometimes you see an image in color and it just screams out for black and white. That was the case, for me anyway, with this image I shot of Abby Trent at the Face and Body Art International Conference this past week in Orlando.

In most cases, body art is so vibrant in color that it's a shame to either desaturate it or change to black and white. To be fair, I thought the original color image was charming. However, I began to feel more inclined to show the lines here instead of the colors.